Friday, April 30, 2010


Little did I know when I wrote the last post what would happen within a couple of days. The post ended with "It will come" meaning a book contract. It came! Wednesday night after a day of being out of pocket, I opened my emails about 10 p.m. and found a contract for my children's book HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN - COWBOY CHARLIE'S ART. My first book contract!

Now I face a few weeks of filling out forms and a deadline of June 25th. I'll post the kinds of things you need to know once you receive a contract as a first time book author. You can begin the process before you receive a contract and be ahead of the game.

First off - keep a current list of all your magazine, etc. publications with article titles and dates published. I have a partial one but now need to update it.

Writer Kathryn Lay wrote a small book available from her web site called "The Organized Writer" is a Selling Writer. Find her at She also has an interesting blog.