Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out of Town

While out of town, I wrote the following blog but forgot to post it. Sorry.

Looking for writing ideas? Always carry a pen, notebook and camera. Unfortunately I left the camera at home on this quick trip to California. We got here Wednesday and leave tomorrow, Saturday.

No matter that I have no camera. I can still jot down writing ideas. One I discovered yesterday - air plants. Are you familiar with air plants? I wasn't. I bought one. Then I found out I can go online and order them possibly for free. Now there is an article.

Besides a pen, notebook and camera, I take along a notebook laptop. Then if I want to write, I save the article to a flash drive or email it to myself. I can write when all the information is at hand and finish the article at home.

On this trip, I only brought research reading for Frederic Remington. Having grown up with a newspaper publisher father, his writing demonstrates a great writing skill. He told one story of the abduction and capture of a wagon train master's daughter in the Arizona Territory and the father's poisoning of Indians. I can hardly wait until I publish a children's book on Remington and use this story in presentations. It won't fit in the book I plan but will certainly add interest to talks.

Have a good weekend. Investing in a notebook laptop is not expensive; it fits in a purse; and provides an easy writing tool, especially on airplanes.

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  1. A writer should always be prepared (boy scout motto), be on the look for new ideas (they're all around)and ready to do the follow up research.