Monday, September 6, 2010

Take It One Step Farther

With the holiday weekend, I sluffed off on my posting for this blog. After viewing the page views of the blog, looks like others did, too. Hope everyone enjoyed a few extra days off before autumn officially begins.

All you Northern Colorado residents will want to check out the October issue of Rocky Mountain Parent and Rocky Mountain Senior. I have one article in the first and three in the second. Not out yet, but look for it after October 1st.

A new writer contacted me through my website. One of the questions she asked was "Where do you get your ideas?" Ideas are everywhere; we just need to recognize them. For instance, the articles for RMP/S were assigned but I'll be able to write other articles from them. First, was an article on cabins and ranches geared for families. I used the research from the same type of article I did for Seniors. If you don't live in the mountains, I'm sure there are fun places to visit in regional National Parks, around lakes or other types of places in your hometown. For travel articles, teachers suggest you begin writing about fun places to visit in your own town.

Next I did an article on vision and hearing impairments. I was amazed at the wealth of information of new technology I found on the Internet. Everything from talking watches to bed shakers. Any of the items lend themselves to an article.

Next, an article on historic buildings in Northern Colorado leads me to believe I could write an article about each. Perhaps, think about the haunted buildings near your. We have the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Or I could stretch the churches turned into a sculpture studios by a famous artists in Loveland. An article on the National Register of Historic places and its requirements might be of interest to readers of many markets.

The last article listed places to find other seniors with like interests such dancing, playing cards, reading, etc. Use your imagination and find places to square dance, or go into the different kinds of square dancing or new ballroom dancing techniques. Change the focus and market your articles somewhere else.

Whatever you write, take it one step farther and focus on a new perspective for a different market. Of course, that brings up the next question. Where does one sell such articles? The Institute of Children's Literature puts out market books from Writer's Institute Publications. I have "The Best of the Magazine Markets for Writers," "Magazine Markets for Children's Writers" and "Book Markets for Children's Writers." No market book lists all there is. I also purchase the Writer's Digest "Writer's Market." Check the Internet by Googling "Writer's Markets for ....." or "Publishers of Children's Books," or any other types of publications you want.

For me, marketing is the hardest part of writing. There is also the question of should I query before I write the article. Many say that is the best idea. I tend to write the article and then try to find a buyer. Either way has advantages. Do whatever is right for you.

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