Monday, August 30, 2010


The next step in publishing is the editing process. Late Friday, I received the edits for my Russell book from the editor at Pelican.

She used the tracking system on Microsoft Word. If you haven't used it, try it. Works great for editing or critiquing other's works. In Word 2007 it is found under "Review" and called "track changes." In older versions, it may be under tools or edit. The program draws a line through things to be deleted and color codes things to be added or moved. It was hard to follow in the edits but I managed. The editor suggested I send an email describing the placement of any revisions I suggested.

I thought I'd perfected the manuscript. Wrong! She moved things around, changed words and asks a lot of questions to clarify questions or information in the manuscript and description for the pictures. I liked what she'd done although there is still more to do with what I sent later this afternoon. My deadline was Sept. 3rd and I was determined to send it much earlier. Therefore, I hurried a little too much and missed some things. She wrote back and I finished late this afternoon.

That brings up another subject - commas and lists. Some grammar style books advocate the use of commas between lists until before the "and." They suggest you omit that comma. However, other manuals suggest still using that comma before "and." I've discovered it depends on the publisher. Unfortunately, I didn't realize Pelican requires a comma before "and." I could have saved the editor lots of work had I known their rules. I don't think that was mentioned in all the information I received. Perhaps they will include it for future authors.

Besides the edits, she informed me one of the picture's dpi was too low to use. When I'd downloaded the picture from the original CD, the computer couldn't handle 600 dpi so it downloaded at 96 dpi. Without realizing that, I sent the pictures. Today I sent the original CD with the 600 dpi. Hopefully, it won't get lost or I'll have to request another copy from the collector who sent it to me for free. That might be embarrassing. The moral of that story is check everything twice and even three times before sending it.

Another unrelated subject, I received my copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles this past week. My story is on page 62 even though it states the author as the person who told me the story. CS changed the way they list "as told to stories." I still receive the check and the ten books but am not listed as the author. Bummer!

I also received the rough draft of a press release Pelican plans to send out. Since my editor decided the Introduction should be written to the child readers (a move I wholeheartedly supported), I needed to inform the woman of changes needed in the press release All the staff of Pelican have been absolutely wonderful. I hope to maintain a good relationship with each.

It seems like "when it rains it pours." Today, I planned to dedicate the day to tweaking two articles for Rocky Mountain Senior and writing two others. "The best laid plans of mice and men.......!"

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