Friday, August 20, 2010

What to do now that the book is sold.

Pelican Publishing asked that I send pictures of any event in which I participated. This week I sent a picture taken at the Northern Colorado Writer's 1st Book Author Panel where I served as one of the presenters. That same day, Pelican posted it to their Facebook page. I'd done the same. Guess that's my first social media promotion. Hopefully, it went out to many people. Now I must concentrate on other Facebook promotions for the book.

One idea in "100 Ways to Market Your Children's Book" suggests getting to know the publisher's marketing team. I have to say, Pelican's team keeps me informed. Past blog posts covered ideas sent from the team. If they don't contact you, contact them with questions, ideas, pictures and a list of your book events. They will appreciate your promotion efforts.

While waiting for the book release, prepare a school presentation. I have permission from Amon Carter Museum to use the pictures from the book in educational programs. PowerPoint programs combine visuals with verbal comments. I don't want to give away the whole book in a presentation, but create enough interest that children will want the book. Even if yours is fiction, you can plan a reading and develop questions to discuss as well as suggestions of ways to use the book. Offer creating a script for a classroom play. Have children research something from the book, i.e., a time, place or event. They can create another place and write or tell a similar or new story. Take a character to the next level. Write a sequel. What did the character do after the end of the book?

On your website, create a teacher's guide. The above ideas form a beginning for your guide. In fact, I think I'll follow my own suggestion and add a few more ideas to my current website teacher's guide.

Most of all, keep writing. Start your own sequel. Most publishers want "right of first refusal" for anything you write after you sign their contract. Start a sequel, companion or new book. Get something to them.

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