Monday, August 2, 2010

Promotion and Pelican Publishing

I received a long email today from the Promotion Director of my publisher, Pelican Publishing. The newsletter is called Promotion with Pelican. I discovered the more I learn about the publishing house, the more I like them. I feel fortunate they chose to purchase my book on Charles Russell.

Information included links on how to start tweeting on Twitter. I need to get into that social network program and you probably do also. I understand it is very successful for writers. Once I learn more about it, perhaps I'll figure out more about Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter information starts with frequently asked questions. Next came Seven tips for marketing through Twitter. For more ideas, check out this quick reference from website Traffic Expert Nick Stewart: How I will Add 1,000 Twitter followers this year.

Other suggestions included:
1. Make one of your book characters a Twitter user name.

2. Make use of hash tags (the # symbol). The symbol identifies searchable terms on Twitter. It makes searching for news about whatever the symbol represents easy. I first have to learn more about Twitter symbols and how to use them. I'm hoping I discover that in the above links.

3. Participate in Follow Friday. Click on this link for an article on Follow Friday from Mashable (whatever that is!).

4. Include a profile photo. Some people believe users will trust a person more if they see how they look. Be sure to smile.

5. Use the bio box! People like to know with whom they speak. You might even include a link to your web page.

Her best recommendation is to start tweeting, shart reading other's tweets and start responding. I'd add sign up for Twitter if you haven't already.

Next post will include more links to her suggested articles on promotion.

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