Friday, July 30, 2010

Writing Tips

 Ever been caught trying to decide which word to use like effect or affect? Strunk and White's grammar book is great along with many others on the market. However, I learned at an SCBWI schmooze last week a quick and easy way to learn one tip at a time is to sign up for Helen Wilkie's Word Tripper writing tips. Twice a week she sends you a writing tip via email. Recently she sent the following which I already knew but found the Bonus Tip interesting and informative.

Word Tripper for July 15, 2010
"Lead, led - The verb "lead" (with a long "e") means to show the way. "The guides lead a hiking group every Saturday." The past tense of this verb is "led" (with a short "e") They led the hike yesterday"

Bonus tip: When you create an adjective out of several words, whether or not you hyphenate it depends on whether it comes before or after the noun it describes." She uses this example "Send me an up-to-date list." The noun is after the adjective. Now, "This list is up to date," puts the noun before the adjective.

My critique group mulls over these kinds of writing problems often. I'll suggest they join this Word Tripper newsletter. You might gain from receiving it also. To subscribe, click on her name above.

Although my website isn't quite finished, you might like to check it out. You'll see some of my articles along with information about my upcoming picture book, HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN: COWBOY CHARLIE'S ART. I also have a teacher's guide for using the book. Just log on to Hope to see you there.

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  1. Interesting how bloggers tend toward the same topics at the same moment...I read another blog post today that discussed affect vs. effect and mentioned Strunk and White. I treasure my old copy of S&W, so I join you in recommending it to all writers.