Friday, July 9, 2010

Home again

We returned from the cruise to Alaska and I can't remember what day it is. Thursday went by in a blur. Got up too late to golf. Friday sped by. I almost fell asleep when the gallery was empty during my four hour volunteer shift. So, here I am - late again - with more information on writing.

I'm trying to learn to operate my website. I've written a bio, a front page and added my new book. Check it out at I have to set up a page for kids and then perhaps I'll be finished for a while. Code Sail Corporation is a friend who is really easy on me. He helps a lot and doesn't get upset when I ask dumb questions. 

Promotion involves communicating with any organizations to which you belong. For instance, I advertised the July 22nd 1st author panel with my SCBWI Northern Colorado group. Meeting is 6:30-8:30 at the Northern Colorado Writer's studio next to Chico's in the Foothills Mall area. I informed my golf group in case anyome might be interested in attending. The price is right - only $10. Any blog readers in the Fort Collins area are welcome. I plan to bring props!

I've also set up my first book signing. The Loveland Museum/Gallery where I serve as volunteer Docent Coordinator will print it in their catalog of events when the time comes. I'll prepare a PowerPoint presentation to go along with the signing to interest more people.

I learned from a teacher friend who I should contact at school districts. Once school starts, I'll work on that. The Pelican Marketing Department will also contact schools. I may be busier than I expected but, hopefully, all my promotion will generate more sales.

Be mindful that publishers now expect authors to help in as many ways as possible. Their staff budgets have been cut so any promotion done by the author is appreciated. Think how you might market your book.

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