Monday, July 5, 2010

Pelican Final Submission and more

We returned from our Alaskan cruise tired from late dinners and late night Dixieland Jazz music by three bands. Although we loved the cruise, we now need to recuperate and get back in gear.

The mailbox contained the Amon Carter CD I’d been expecting. That means I’ve worked all day on producing all the documents Pelican Publishing requires for final submission of HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN: COWBOY CHARLIE’S ART.

Besides the special CD format of the single-spaced manuscript I downloaded, I included the introduction telling how to use the book, dedication, book description, bibliography, timeline, credits page and the pictures. I printed two double-spaced copies of the manuscript and copies of permissions.

I was surprised to learn Pelican listed my “new contract” on their Facebook page. I guess the marketing trail has already begun.

Actually, it will begin on July 22 when I sit with three other writers on a panel of “first book” authors for the Northern Colorado Writers group. I’m hoping for a good turnout even though I haven’t books to sell at this point. I’ll be included in Pelican’s 2011 Spring catalog.

I’d like to also write a flyer of how to incorporate the book into school curriculums that I can hand teachers after a presentation. I have a head start with all my museum docent experience and the introduction I wrote for the book.

I’ve ordered books from Amazon on Frederic Remington. In other words, I’ll be working on a similar book with his art as the subject. As soon as Russell gets underway, I'll querry Pelican on Remington.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone will now show interest in my other children’s books - a picture book on moving toddlers, a fictional autobiography of one year my father kept me against my will in Chicago when I wanted to live with Mom and brother and an adventure fiction book where three kids go "through the picture frame" of Georges Seurat's pointilist painting and encounter many Paris attractions/obstacles while trying to capture the painting's monkey.

Plan now for your future books. Write an introduction, description or jacket flap, dedication and timeline if writing non-fiction.

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