Monday, July 19, 2010


A writer must write. Just because one book is sold doesn't mean the author waits for the next step in publishing that book and does no writing. I've started promotion research, PowerPoint presentations and an article comparing the work of Charles Russell with that of Frederic Remington. However, like most writers I need several projects in the works at once. To prevent writer's block (not sure I've ever experienced that), I need motivation.

To read some articles on writer's block go to It lists articles on many writing subjects including writer's block and motivation. These two links take you to specific articles on their website - and

Although good information, none of my motivation solutions were on those links. I first went to the library and checked out several books including children's for research on what publishers are printing and adult for pleasure. Then I cleaned out a few file drawers and found enough to keep me busy for years - old unpublished articles to tweak, possible reprint articles to market, unused research for other books/articles and an idea file. I filled a recylce bin with duplicate copies and old magazines. Course, in the process, I covered part of the floor with stacks of file folders still needing attention, but, I discovered my writing choices are many.

I'm a believer in "a messy office indicates a creative mind." The piles aren't that bad, I can still see the floor and part of my desk's top.

Along with those stacks, I have the piles of reading material from the library or my own book shelves on subjects to consider .I bought several from Amazon on Remington and am trying to find a focus for a book on his works. However, I don't want to fall into the trap of completely duplicating the Russell book. A new challenge. What might my publisher want in addition to what I've sold them?

Here are some questions to ponder about your writing and motivation. By what means do you motivate yourself to write? Do you get writer's block and how do you solve it? Have you recently discovered a wealth of writing opportunities in your own files? Can you remarket old articles? Have you perused the library for ideas? Have you read books similar to what you want to write? Have you looked into new releases and found holes of what might be needed for books or magazines?

Get busy. Publishers are waiting for good material to print.


  1. Hi Linda -- Even though I go long periods without writing, I don't call it writer's block. Instead, I call myself a binge writer. My in between time involves a lot of thinking, resting, and recharging, and then I write like crazy for weeks. It's not a method I recommend for those who want to produce more, but it's the method that makes me happy.

  2. Nothing wrong with binge writing. Thinking is writing, outlining, etc. I have some spells like that, too.