Monday, August 16, 2010

More Promotion Ideas

My out-of-town company left this morning so it is time to get back on schedule.

Promotion ideas fill my mind and time at this point. Even though the book hasn't been released as yet, I want to be prepared ahead of time. I suggested to the publisher that I make bookmarks with the book cover as well as a few buttons (like political buttons) that I and/or friends can wear. Bookmarks I'll pass out at schools and anyplace else I frequent. Even my hairdresser has my business cards on her counter.

The publisher gave permission to put the book cover on the two items I've mentioned as long as they are given away and not sold. Be aware of such rules before you go to any expense. Postcards printed with the book cover work well for mailings.

Some of the "100 Ways to Market Your Children's Book" article named in the last post included making marketing idea suggestions in your query letter. In other words, don't wait until you have a contract to think about promotion. Publishers today expect authors to promote almost as much as the publishing house. My publisher is small and I understand they may do more for authors than a big house. I'm hoping so.

Others suggestions:

1. Research what other authors have done. Most of my ideas came from Debbie Dadey and a friend who acted as her publicist when Debbie lived in Fort Collins. Since my book is nonfiction, Debbie recently suggested I post a teacher's guide on my website. I've completed that even though the book is not out yet. The activities relate to any art works a teacher might use in her classroom.

2. Keep in close contact with the publishing house's publicist. Find out what in-house promotions they do as well as any social networks postings.

3. Have someone take photos at your appearances related to writing. Then post them online at websites, blogs or social media.

4. Participate in list serves. I belong to a couple of list serves and might research others that fit my needs.

These ideas offer a beginning for your research on promotion. If you know of something that works, perhaps you'd share it with the readers here.

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