Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Game

I'm early in case someone wants to take advantage of a new kind of Easter Egg hunt.

Last year my son did a progressive hunt. The first direction led to another direction and so on until the end where a nice prize awaited for the granddaughters - a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. They love to read.

I'm having Easter this year. We are celebrating Easter and two birthdays. The twin grandsons will be 2 on April 27 and the twin granddaughters, from another family, will be 13 on May 1st. For the boys, we'll just hide some plastic Easter eggs that hold mostly balls I bought at the dollar store and a couple of marshmallow treats.

However, the girls are another matter. I bought the little favors again at the dollar store. Too old for a traditional egg hunt, I wrote rhyming (I'll admit, not good rhyme because I was in a hurry) directions to lead them to their birthday gifts. The first egg has marshmallow treats and directions. Each girl follows her own path. The second egg is actually an egg shaped puzzle they have to figure out how to open to get the directions. The third egg holds directions inside and sits atop a chocolate cross. The fourth egg and directions sit on a Rubic type puzzle. The fifth egg holds one of the girls' birthday gifts either inside with the directions or sits on top of a package. The last egg sits on their second birthday gift.

They enjoyed the game last year so I'll hope they appreciate it again this year.

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