Monday, April 25, 2011


Marketing and promotion go on forever.

I mentioned before that my publicist sent a message about the Children's Authors Show. Don McCauley of Free Publicity Focus Group interviews authors for a web radio show. My interview will air for 24 hours April 27/28. He suggests putting a copy on my website but I'm not sure an audience would pay attention unless it were video rather than audio only.

Don's Free Publicity Focus Group provides a free strategy analysis to increase your website visibility. I had one done and although it doesn't give the step-by-step instructions I hoped for, it gave me plenty to consider and think about. For a fee, Don will do more work such as keyword analysis/strategy, branding, website design, media releases, email marketing lists, teleseminars, and more. He sent along several examples of good websites which use great keywords to get noticed. I'll consider more later.

Everyone says authors should belong to Twitter. I finally broke down and joined although I'm not sure I really understand how to utilize this form of social media. I've read recently that social media isn't the mecca for promotion that most people think it is. I can, however, say one person turned up for a book signing and purchased two books because he saw my post on Facebook.

While checking Google analytics I saw one person visited my website or blog from Facebook. Which brings to mind another subject - knowing your audience or target market.

I'm told I can find out lots of information in analytics about my audience. I have yet to find many specifics along those lines. I'll keep searching.

In the meantime, if you have any technical advice to pass on, please comment. 


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