Monday, May 3, 2010

First contract tip

Some of the questions asked were, "Do you have a blog? How often do you post? Do you have a web site? How often do you update?"

In other words, you need to have both a blog and a web site. I suggest you start before you receive a contract. My timing was perfect. I took a blogging class on Monday. I also signed up someone to create my web site on Monday. On Wednesday, I received the contract.

I might also suggest you check all bases. Such as, I thought once an art museum owned a piece of art, they kept it. Not the case. Two of the pictures I used in my book were sold and they have no idea who purchased them. While touring the Charles Russell exhibit this past summer at the Denver Art Museum, I discovered one of my pictures was now in a Denver man's collection. As a prior docent for the DAM, I'll probably be able to obtain permission and picture file. Lets hope so. Will my having to replace the pictures negate the contract. We'll see.

I also didn't realize this publisher would ask me to provide the permissions and picture digital files at my expense. I have no problem with that since I get an advance. Cost is fairly minimal $25 per picture or, if the publication is educational, $15 per picture. Mine is educational.

For more information on why to have a blog, check out this Writer's Digest article.

More to come on Thursday.


  1. Looks like writers must go beyond the words now of days.

  2. Just wait until you see the other things.