Monday, May 10, 2010

Resumé and Autobiography, Con't

While writing my autobiography,  I found if I followed my resumé as a guide, I remembered places, classes and other items I might want to include. The trick is to make the writing flow like a story but include facts. A good example is Laura Resau's longer version of "about me" on her website:

In the case of Pelican Publishing, they want a rather detailed description of my life. I think I'll write several versions and pick the best with the help of my critique group. One version meets the needs of children. Another reaches out to publishers. The second might be more factual and not so much of a story. A third version goes to my new website.

Also, I'll write a shorter version for a media kit. LeAnn Thieman ( and Laura Resau, as well as other authors, have shorter versions on their websites for the same reasons. You might want to check them out. Refer to my last post for a link to author's bios.

In every instance, I'll consider what readers want to know about me. Do they want just my writing information? Or, some interesting tidbits that make me live in their minds - help them get to know me? Perhaps both.

Consider now what you might include in the "about me" section of a publisher's request, on your website or your blog.


  1. It's a lot of information to share but I suppose it's for publicity surrounding your forthcoming book.

  2. Thanks for reading, Helen. Let's hope the publisher likes what I do.