Thursday, May 27, 2010

What else does a publisher want?

Let's get back to what a publisher wants from an author. Be sure you keep good records of your periodical publications - name of publication, article and date. The list might turn out to be rather long. You should also keep what rights you sold. Writing requires good record keeping. Unfortunately, I've not been as consistant as I could have been. Some people have programs that help their record keeping. Tell us what you use.

I use a spreadsheet but occasionally forget to record something. I tried a special progam years ago that seemed to take more time than I wanted to spend. Perhaps I'll check some of the programs you suggest.

Some publications purchase articles but don't print them for years. The book publisher wanted to know any articles purchased but yet to be published. One such example is Highlights for Children. I sold them two articles in 2004 but have yet to see them in print. While attending their Foundation Workshop in 2004, Kent Brown admitted that the longest they'd held an article at that time was 17 years! I know of another author who requested the rights back and offered to return the payment. She got the rights without returning the payment. That could be an exception rather than a common practice.

If you've appeared on any TV or radio program, they wanted a copy of the interview. In my case, I've not done that. Next, they wanted to know what media might be interested in my book. I write for several regional publications which might be interested. I listed an art magazine for whom I'd written. I have a good rapport with my editors and will contact each with a press release. The marketing department requested all this information.

An author who sells to this publisher says they do a good job of keeping your book in print. I'm still awaiting the return of the signed contract. Once the book comes out, let's hope they market it well and that I, too, can generate sales.

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  1. email4helen@comcast.netMay 30, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    This is an important reminder for all writers since some of us are lax in keeping records current(me). Have promised myself to update all files. I want to be ready when that book contract finds its way to my mailbox.