Saturday, October 2, 2010


I hope I would never write anything that would cause a controversy. But when writing about art, one never knows who will be offended. Take for instance the following.

Thank goodness a friend emailed early yesterday morning that the Loveland Museum/Gallery where I volunteer made the headlines of the Loveland paper. I live in Fort Collins so don't take that paper. I checked out the article online. I discovered a protest would be held at 10 a.m., exactly when I was to enter the museum.

I don't handle controversy well and would have been totally rattled. I called the museum and explained why I would not volunteer that day. No way did I want to confront a reporter. They take things out of context and no matter what I'd have said, it would have been wrong. They totally understood.

The museum's current show houses works by one artist I don't even care for so I stay away from his work when talking to visitors about the show. One piece is offensive to me as well as others. However, that piece is 7" by 7" so not likely noticed by most people. At any rate, I stayed away.

When writing about art as I do, I may run into someone who is offended by an art work. I choose wisely and carefully. But who knows what can happen.

What I'm trying to say is be very careful what you write for publication, how you say it and where you publish it.

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