Monday, October 18, 2010

Marketing Plan - bookmarks

I am anxious to get started on a marketing plan for my new book, HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN: COWBOY CHARLIE'S ART. A friend, LeAnn Thieman, and I plan to meet to go over what she's learned about marketing plans while writing her self-published books and for Chicken Soup. When the marketing is up to the author, one gets pretty creative.

I'm not sure what plans Pelican has for marketing my book. However, I plan to start with bookmarks, some pins to wear and PowerPoint presentations. The presentation is about done. Since this book is a "looking at the art" of Charles Russell, I include questions to encourage looking as well as activities. To make the presentation an extension of the book means I'll use different pictures, add some biography, and include a few activities from the book.

Since I don't have Microsoft Publisher, I searched the Internet for ways to make bookmarks. Try using the Microsoft Word Tables program. Here are some directions.

1. Open a blank document in Word
2.  Click Insert on the menu bar and Tables
3. Select 3 columns and 2 rows.
4. In Word 2007, which I have, place the cursor in the first column and row. Right click your mouse. Scroll down to "table properties."
5. Click the row tab and set the height at 2".
6. Click the second row, right click mouse, and table properties. Set this row to 5". They suggested 4" but I like the 5" better.
7. Place your cursor in the first column. Right click your mouse and go to table properties.
8. Click the column tab.
9. If you have a picture of your book, click the top row/column, insert menu, and select picture.
10. Browse your pictures and choose the one you prefer.
11. Size the picture to fit by double clicking it and, at the top right of the menu bar, set the size you want.
12. Now copy and paste the picture into the other two columns.
13. Now place the cursor in the lower row, first column.
14. Add your text in any format or colors you choose.
15. Copy and paste into the other columns.
16. You can either print it yourself, on card stock or a heavy paper of your choosing, or take it to Kinkos or another printing company and they will print and cut for a nominal fee.

I hope I've printed all the instructions. If you have a problem, make a comment to the post and I'll get back to you. Good luck.

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