Monday, June 21, 2010

Publisher requests

I received two emails - one from the Pelican School Sales Manager and one from my editor.

First, they asked when and where I'd like to have my first book signing. Being that it is really early and I'm not even sure when the book will be out, it is hard to think about a first book signing. However, the Loveland Museum/Gallery, where I volunteer as a docent, suggested, when I told them about the sale, that they would definitely have a book signing. Friday I asked if that were still true. We are now planning a Saturday date in May before school is out. Not only will I sign books, but, I'll begin with a presentation on Charles M. Russell, the book's subject. A follow-up on the book signing will appear here closer to the launch date.

Where would you want a first signing? Why?

The other email stated two additional requirements. I must provide an Introduction page on how teachers can use the book and a timeline for the last page. The timeline was easy since one of my resource books has a rather short biography of the artist. I chose happenings that would appeal to children.

The Introduction can include the ways I've interacted with children for looking at art in museum settings and suggestions for incorporating the art into other curriculum areas. I just have to figure out how to make the page short! Introductions are not always required by publishers. Ask early.

I am still trying to get my website filled out and ready to go - another suggestion by publishers. I'm working on the bio. A friend sent an article from Lori Russell's blog which offers ideas for opening leads of a profile, very similar to a bio. Check it out at  Scroll down to the fourth post. In fact, you might want to read a few of her other posts on writing. They are old but pertinent.

I'm hoping to get the bio posted before I leave on a trip this coming Wednesday. Think about your bio. Besides a long version, consider including medium and short ones. If your book is non-fiction, think about an introduction. If a biography related subject, consider making a timeline.

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