Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome Author

The first attachment with the confirmation of a contract I received, welcomed me as an author for the publisher. Not only did it welcome but it listed more things I need to do.

TRAVEL. Am I taking any personal trips which could coordinate with book signings? They request my personal travel itineraries. The publisher won’t pay the expenses for my trip but will schedule events that coincide with my schedule. When the book first comes out, they arrange local events and possibly out-of-town visits. In that case, they pay expenses.

ESTABLISH AN ONLINE PRESENCE. Luckily I started my website shortly before receiving a contract. It isn’t up and running yet but will be soon. I initiated this blog a week before receiving my contract. Good timing for an online presence. They suggest joining social networks to which I already belong, although I’m not actively involved with them yet.

VIDEO OR AUDIO TAPES. Since no TV or radio shows are knocking on my door, I have no tapes to send. A local writer’s organization, Northern Colorado Writers, requested I serve on a panel of first time book authors. Perhaps I’ll commission someone to tape it.

WRITING ARTICLES. I write for several print publications, however, not necessarily about Russell. Guess I have a new goal – publishing articles on Russell and art appreciation. Now that I think about it, I've sold several of the same article on games to play in a museum setting.

REVIEWS. I’m asked to cut or copy any reviews of my book or other Pelican authors and send them to the publisher. And send the URL for any online reviews of which I become aware.

CONTACT. I’m to keep in contact by sending any of my promotion ideas. They request materials be received on time. Once the book launches, they want all materials on hand so promotion follows quickly.

Most of these requests require little work on my part. On Thursday I’ll cover “Welcome from the Sales Department.”

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  1. You are your book.
    Have fun with it.