Monday, June 14, 2010

Web presence is a must

My friend Debbie Dadey, author of 140 children's books including the Bailey School Series and many others, sent me two websites she thought fit my blog. The first backs up my previous blogs Welcome Author - 6/7 and First Contract Tip - 5/3. Each covers how important a web presence is for an author.

The link above takes the information even farther. It lists free website building software, templates and the same kind of information for starting a blog. She includes if you want to hire a professional to do the work. Then explains what every author's website should have and why.
1. A biography repeated on several pages such as About Me and media pages as well as the home page.
2. A dedicated contact page so editors can reach you.
3. A photo isn't absolutely necessary but best to have.
4. A press or media page
5. Testimonials
6. Samples/clips
7. Buying 101 - where people can buy your books
8. You might include a personal page or information in your about me section.

I would add a page "For Kids" since my website addresses both children and adults. That way kids can find information relating to them and their interests.

The second link,, is an exerpt from The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing  called A Must-Have Online Marketing Plan.
1. Create a strong writer's website (mandatory) and a blog (optional)
2. Get involved with Social Networking
3. Create a video trailer
4. Do a blog tour
5. Get reviews of your book posted online
6. Podcast
7. Become a commenter

I'm not sure I'll do all of those since I haven't the know-how. Besides, most are already in place for me, just need to include them on my website.

Read the articles and start working or changing your web presence for more sales and exposure. Good luck.


  1. A good web presence is a must these days for any author and I think you are well on your well. Thanks for sharing this great info that you found. :-)

  2. email4helen@comcast.netJune 17, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    Website. Blog. Book much to do!