Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sales Department/Fact Sheet

As a new author with the publishing house, I received more information on sales, promotion, appearances and who handles each. This publishing house has state representatives with whom I'll eventually work in several capacities. They request I keep them abreast of my personal travel schedule and any leads for book signings I might have.

As an author, I can order books at a discount and if I order 250 or more books, the discount increases. Course, I believe I lose royalties on discounted books. Any books sold below costs do not receive royalties. I'm wondering if that means those sold at say SAMS or COSTCO. I'll need to check that out.

Another sales incentive is for the author to make up teacher guides for using the book in the classroom. I could do that and will probably look into their process. This book is an interactive "looking" at art book. I've already worked on classroom presentations that take the looking farther than that in the book. I'll lead teachers in integrating the art into other parts of their curriculum.

The publisher will also set up a sales link for my website so books can be sold from it. I appreciate that idea. It isn't something to do now but to consider after the book comes out, or even just before.

Pelican provided more author information in a Fact Sheet. It helps answer any questions an author might be asked such as where can one buy the book. It also explains about the publishing house - which departments do which jobs. Again it emphasizes how important it is to keep them updated with personal travel plans, interviews, presentations, etc.

All in all, the house has answered most questions I might have. Granted, it is a lot of reading, but as a first time book author, I'm glad to have any and all information they offer.

Monday I'll pass on a couple of articles passed to me which cover web presence and some marketing information.

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