Thursday, June 17, 2010

Writer's Market

I have a friend who reads the Writer's Market as if it were a novel. Before going to sleep, she picks up the book. I wish I were so dedicated. After receiving this week yet another rejection of a picture book I've submitted several places, I'm in the market for a new publisher.

The Institute of Children's Writers puts out a children's book market along with a magazine market. I prefer to read these as they are smaller. They also publish a Best of the Magazine Markets for Writers which includes adult markets. All are great guides. You can find them on their website at At one time, only previous students could purchase their materials but they've opened the bookstore to all writers.

The Institute also offers correspondence classes for writers. In fact, that was my first class on writing. The instructor encouraged and gently gave critiques - pages of notes. The course costs a bit but is well worth it.

If you Google "publishers" - magazine or book -  you will find so many websites to peruse that you'll hardly have time to write.

Last night at my writer's critique meeting we discussed writing for free. Many non-paying markets are listed in the books I've mentioned. I discussed this before. It is a good way to earn clips if you are a beginning writer. However, it is also a way to "tithe" your writing. In other words, just like you donate to organizations or churches from your income, you can donate to magazines. There comes a time in your career when you need to gain enough confidence to submit to paying markets. But giving away your writing is a "feel good" tithe once your career is established.

Every time I submit to the Lyons Recorder, a small town newspaper, I "feel good." I think I'm helping them build subscribers the paper lost before it was saved and purchased by a friend. I also donated a piece to the Fort Collins newspaper because I felt their paper should concentrate on locals rather than stories about people in other cities doing the same things Fort Collins residents do. Granted, my objective was a little suspect but, judging from comments I received from friends, it fulfilled my goal.

Be sure to check the non-paying markets rights request. Unless the story/article is something you feel only fits their publication and can't be sold anywhere else, don't give up all rights.

The moral of this post is for you to get busy marketing/submitting your articles, finding reputable markets and earning an income. There are many other writer's markets out there. Perhaps you have a favorite you'll share.

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