Monday, December 6, 2010

Facebook Fan Page

The teacher, Sean Macready, convinced me I need a Facebook fan page with all the numbers he quoted. Course, getting fans is like getting friends on a blog, takes a long time. In checking my google analytics, I find many more people check the blog but don't become friends. I have to admit, I fit in that category also - read the blog but don't become a friend. Maybe I'll change that.

The Fan Page is much like a profile except it is triggered with keywords, if I understood him correctly. So, more people will eventually read the page rather than your profile which does nothing. You can track readers on the fan page but not the profile. I'll let you know if it works. He also suggested not to over promote yourself on your fan page. Post other things three out of four posts and promote yourself in the fourth.

The teacher offered a free hour consultation, which I will definitely use. I'll get the page up, then, check with him before I send out invitations for fans.

More marketing for my book included:
1. Downloading all school districts in Colorado
2. Downloading all library districts in Colorado

Next I'll check Wyoming schools and libraries, especially Cheyenne and Laramie.

Seems like every time I make some contact, it leads to a marketing event. The SBDC has a networking event in February right after my book is released. Even though I live in Fort Collins and should go through that office, the Loveland office agreed to promote me. I'll register for that soon.

Besides the CCIRA (Colorado Council International Reading Association) convention, I learned of a Mountain and Plains convention which will be held this year in Loveland, Colorado, just 10 miles from me. I've contacted them.

You never know who can offer networking advice. Use every possible connection.

Next week I plan to go to Business Card Factory here in Fort Collins about making cards and bookmarks. I want to get them soon so I can begin passing out bookmarks.

I've updated my website to include fees for presentations and an offer of free presentations until the end of the 2010-2011 school year. I sent one email to a prospective customer and she was delighted and will get back to me with a date. I learned from SBDC not to say "If you'd like......" but, instead, "What date would you like....." It worked!

You can find my book on for pre-orders and on the Barnes & Noble, Borders and Pelican Publishing websites.

Hope you can use a few of these marketing ideas.


  1. What a wonderful web site and blog! I met Linda this evening at a Loveland SBDC training event - suffice to say, I am impressed! It was wonderful to meet you. I am looking forward to learning more about writing and authorship from you.

  2. Thanks, Scott. I wish you luck setting up your fan page and in your Security Solutions Reasonable Response business.