Thursday, December 2, 2010


I admire self-publishers because marketing is time consuming. My publicist does a lot but I'm also helping. Unable to sleep last night, I worked on several marketing ideas at 3:00 a.m. I've spend this whole day at the computer on other marketing projects.

I found a listing of museums that display Charles Russell's art. I emailed each one with a description of the book, a place to order an e-galley (online review copy) or regular review copy and a thank you for considering purchase of the book. We'll see if any museum shops place orders.

As suggested by the counselor at SBDC (Small Business Development Center) I am working or jazzing up my website. Not accomplished at this point but getting there. To demonstrate the care demonstrated by SBDC, I tried to get in a class on making a Facebook fan page. I was too late to fill either of the last two available spots. This morning SBDC called and said they were squeezing me into the class since my book comes out in February and I need the class now not in January. How thoughtful of them! I highly recommend getting their help in marketing your work.

I now have my own domain email address although I've not used it much as yet - My next step in the marketing process is to check contacts for all Colorado and Wyoming school districts. I want to attend district teacher meetings, if possible. Then, perhaps I'll acquire some classroom presentations. I contacted the CCIRA (Colorado Council International Reading Association) 2012 chair and will fill out their information when it becomes available online in March.

The Loveland Museum/Gallery reserved the date of March 19th, 1-3, for my book signing. They also asked me to present a teacher workshop on March 26th. Besides the school districts, I'm working up that presentation. Once I receive a few recommendations for my website, I'm hoping more presentations will come my way.

My website Author Visit section gives an Introductory Offer of free presentations until the end of this school year. Most authors have made such offers for their first books. I am following suit. Then I'm not charging as much as some. That may bite me in the foot, but I'll try it for a while. My next job requires I write a comment form for teachers to fill out with permission to place comments on my website. Those help to build a reputation.

I hope you can apply some of these marketing ideas for your work.

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