Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Promotion

As a first book novice, I ask probably some dumb questions of my publisher. Friends, new acquaintances and professionals offer kinds of promotion suggestions. For instance, retired school personnel attended my memoir class on Saturday. Other students relayed information on museums unknown to me. All wanted to help me promote. Isn't that kind and considerate?

Librarians peruse book jobbers lists, especially Baker and Taylor. I wrote my contacts at Pelican to see if they list with that particular book jobber and they do. Librarians also depend on School Library Journal for reviews of books. Pelican sends review copies to them. I learned more about my publisher and how they promote. The goal remains to contact every possible entity which might speak in the author's favor.

Some class members drove from Cheyenne and suggested museum names to contact which were unknown to me. Now I have a lot of work to do.  

On Friday I discovered the 255 pounds (10 boxes)  of books I ordered fit nicely stacked in my office draped with a table cloth to give the appearance of a piece of furniture. Thank goodness the box sizes are small compared to what I imagined! Two stacks of unboxed books on top remind me to keep promoting.

One last note - don't forget to thank people. I spent Saturday writing notes of thanks to all my contacts at Pelican commending them for a job well done. The book looks fantastic and I am honored to have worked with Pelican Publishing. Now my job begins. Check my website for upcoming events.

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