Thursday, January 27, 2011

Russell Book

I discovered is already shipping the pre-orders for HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN: COWBOY CHARLIE'S ART. Guess they received their copies as early as I. If you order from them, once you receive your copy, post a review. I hope you'll be favorable!!! Share the information with your friends. Thanks.

In the meantime, think about ways to use the book with your children or grandchildren, which depends on their age. Toddlers and preschoolers need only look at the pictures and answer one of the questions. As they age, ask another question and finally read a little information in the text. Lower middle graders can tour the art on their own or with a little guidance. Upper middle graders are certainly able to read and answer on their own or with a friend. All might even look at my picture and pretend I am talking to them.

Next, take the children to a museum - the size of the museum is not important. Looking at any pictures will do, not just art masterpieces. Use some of the activities in the Introduction, especially the language arts, to expand a child's looking techniques. On each museum visit play another game, or, repeat those you've already practiced. In a gallery, assign a project, let them choose which object to use, you participate too,  then meet and discuss.

Another game to play is a treasure hunt. In a gallery, choose one object. Describe it with three clues such as the color, shape, medium, something in the painting or whatever you determine serves as a clue. Then, have the child guess which object you've chosen. However, don't let them guess until they have given you three clues back which can be answered with a yes or no. For example: Is there a soldier on a horse?  Does one man wear a red sash? Are there words around the picture? Which picture from the book did I use? The letter.

Next have the child choose an object.

Many more games or ideas are on my website, Check them out.

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