Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Word Resolutions

Although I missed my weekly critique meeting on Wednesday night, I heard about one of the things they did. While reporting their writing progress for the holidays each person gave a one word resolution for their personal and professional life. Words varied and more could certainly be added. Subtitles might focus closer to what people think of as resolutions. Think about these words in your life.

Connect - with friends, relatives, writers, editors and anyone who means something to you. Two members lost various people in their lives over the holidays. They want to remember what or who is important in life and connect with them.

Dream - whether professionally or personally. Dreams could include book publication or simply selling that first article/story.

Finish - Everyone in the group goes through periods of dropping projects and leaving them unfinished. Some have their fingers in several pies and feel they need to focus and complete one at a time.

Try - to do better both professionally and personally. Try new projects, i.e. leave their comfortable box.

Promote - Had I been present, I'd have suggested promote. I need to venture out of my shell and network and promote my book and myself.

Improve - self. Most everyone could stand improvement in some aspect of their lives whether it be in writing or living every day.

A few other words to think about:

Study - by attending workshops, conferences, writer's luncheons and reading.

Exercise - both physically and mentally. Exercise your mind. Get out of your chair and move around to get the mind working.

Network - every chance you get. Pass out bookmarks, business cards, flyers, etc. Talk about your publications. Meet those editors at conferences rather than standing back and watching others network.

If you have other one word resolutions, tell us about them.

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  1. I had someone share the word Disconnect. This year she wants to disconnect from the computer, t.v. and things like that more. I thought that was interesting.