Thursday, January 20, 2011

Promotion continued

I discovered a little late how to contact schools about presentations. I emailed each school principal in Cheyenne before I learned.

If you want presentations advertised to schools, write the Media Director. Individual schools have one and there is a Media Director for each school district. I've heard from both. But, beware!

I offered local districts, or those not too far away, free presentations for the remainder of the school year. In checking with some local authors, I found they did the same for a short period - 6 mos. to a year. However, after that, they determined a set rate for visits.

Authors stick together on pricing or at least charging for their services. Two reasons: 1. If there is no charge, people think that is what you are worth - nothing. 2. Authors want a consistency, not in what is charged but that there is a charge in the first place.

Author's services have a value. I'm talking to myself now because I find it hard to charge schools when budgets are tight, or even charge period! My publisher, Pelican, gives schools a 40% discount. Then the school can charge the retail price and literally pay for the author visit. Course, they have to do some promotion to get parents to buy the books. I remember one author agreeing to visit for free, but, instead, required each child buy a book.

Because I have only one published book and no known reputation as yet, I charge $100 per classroom. If I visit one class, my book costs the school about $10.50 each and can be sold for the retail price of about $17 - a profit of $6.50. Let's estimate the profit at $6. That times 20 children equals $120 or $20 over the cost of my visit. Any other books sold are pure profit.

That said, I received a couple of emails wanting me to either extend the free offer into next year or send a free book to the school. All my advisors said a loud "NO." We'll see how many jobs I received.

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